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Remembering Cal: A Story of Pediatric Cancer

As we slip into October, let us also remember that September represented Pediatric Cancer Awareness, a time for us all to commemorate those who have lost their fight —and share a moment of reflection to honor those amidst the battle for their young lives. In my recent history, as a Board member of a local Illinois a non-profit pediatric cancer foundation, Cal’s Angels, I’ve learned that awareness is the key to working towards the obstacles in finding a cure.

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Children Fighting Cancer. What We Can Do To Help

It’s back to school time for many – but not for all.  September is National Childhood Cancer month. We dedicate this month’s issue to all children who inspire us with their brave fight against cancer. Too many, too soon Cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease among children Roughly 16,000 children in the U.S. will…

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Five Human Resource Tips To Improve Your Bottom Line

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At family-owned Hoffer Plastics, Gretchen Farb oversees the finances of the plastic injection-molding business as well as the Hoffer Foundation. She manages the company’s investments and its 401(k) plan. In the last 12 to 18 months, Farb instituted new enterprise resource planning software and helped lead the company to a record year. Revenue last year rose 12.5 percent to $90 million . . .

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It’s National Wellness Month

We’re sharing some interesting new trends and approaches to wellness that we hope will inform and inspire you. Read on! Prescribing Nature What if your doctor prescribed a 30 minute walk outdoors instead of prescribing a drug? It’s happening, and there’s solid science behind it. A study among the world’s longest living people (> 100)…

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It’s Mid Year 2019. Time for a Turnaround?

It’s Mid-Year 2019. Time for a Turnaround? July is the heart of summer, but also marks the onset of the second half of the year. Much like making resolutions in January, the second half is a great time to reassess and get back on track for achieving personal and professional goals. Stay cool, and go for it!…

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National Safety Month

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June is National Safety Month! Learn about the devastating impact of workplace injuries and simple steps you can take to improve safety on the job. Welcome, summer, and a shout out to all the grads, dads and father figures this month. The High Cost of an Unsafe Workplace In the U.S., a worker is injured…

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National Volunteer Month

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As April transitions us with rain showers and early blossoms, it also inspires us with National Volunteer Month. A shout out and heartfelt “thank you” to all who give back selflessly in service to others. May you continue to inspire us all! Spotlight on Hoffer Plastics: A Company Culture Centered on “Service” At Hoffer Plastics,…

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It’s All About Gratitude

For November, the month of Thanksgiving, it’s all about gratitude, with a special Veteran’s Day shout out to all who’ve served. Inspirations from Hoffer Plastics: How a Small Company Leads in Gratitude “Service” is a core company value at Hoffer. It manifests in outstanding customer service, but also in fostering a “servant’s heart” leadership model throughout…

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National Manufacturing Month

In this October issue, we celebrate National Manufacturing Month! The backbone industry of the U.S. remains strong, growing and ripe with new, exciting career opportunities. Small Manufacturing Businesses Lead the Way The vast majority of manufacturing firms in the United States are very small. I n 2015, 98% of the 251,774 manufacturing firms were considered to be small…

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National Self Improvement Month

September is Back to School time, and the perfect opportunity to celebrate National Self Improvement Month. An Investment that Pays It’s been long held that an investment in people development yields lifelong benefits, both for the individual and for the company as a whole.  According to the Institute for Talent Development: Companies that offer comprehensive training and…

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