An iconic leader
in the custom
plastic injection
molding industry.

Hoffer Plastics is a custom injection molding facility located in South Elgin, Illinois. Family owned and operated for over 60+ years, Hoffer is dedicated to making high quality, defect free products, while maintaining an outstanding on time delivery record.


A leading supplier of
injection molded
parts to companies
in all markets.

Specializing in the Packaging, Consumer Industrial,
Automotive, and Appliance industries for decades,
we have been privileged to call multiple Fortune 500
companies our partners in business. We strive everyday
to continue to provide the absolute best product possible.


One of America’s
plastic companies
that has quietly
set the standard
in the industry.

Hoffer is a global leader in injection molding, customer
and employee satisfaction and charitable giving. In fact
our top three customers, all of which are Fortune 600
companies, have each worked with Hoffer for over 20
years. That’s a testament to our outstanding product
quality and award-winning service.


Customer Testimonials

Hoffer is a much appreciated partner, that understands how they can help us
prosper in a competitive market. The product quality consistently meets our high standards,
topped off by an outstanding service from a flexible and most efficient organization.
Thank you Hoffer Plastics!

Marc Latreille
Sales & Marketing Director
Vergers Leahy Inc. – Leahy Orchards Inc.

As the founder of a cutting-edge but unproven dispensing technology, I was fortunate that Hoffer Plastics agreed to be our manufacturing partner six years ago. During that period, Hoffer has proven to be a patient, loyal, and incredibly supportive partner. Our relationship with Hoffer has resulted in dramatic cost savings and advances in quality control, which in turn led to the successful commercialization of our technology. Not only has Hoffer been of great help to us in product development, they approach every challenge that may arise in a constructive fashion, with the attitude that we are all in this together. One of our strongest selling points is to invite potential customers to visit Hoffer’s plant: to allow them to see the proprietary assembly machine Hoffer developed specifically for our product, and to observe the overall professionalism. Invariably, customers come away impressed. It is no wonder that Hoffer Plastic was named “Family Business of the Year,” for not only do they exude three-generations of success and integrity, but they make their clients feel like family as well.

Greg Abbott
Founder and Chairman
International Dispensing Corporation